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As many of you know, I often look at life through the Barrett power lens.  And, of course that lens sees power as our human capacity to participate knowingly in change.

PIP Power

The Power-Imagery Process (PIP) is a spiritual method.  It opens the door to spiritual life not only by self-empowerment, but also by connecting our inner power to our Higher Power that helps to support and sustain us.  This power is experienced as power-as-freedom, an inner sense of liberation.
Power-as-control on the other hand, represents a connection to external life, not to inner life.  Here freedom is reflected in physical acquisition usually in terms of money, itself seen as the avenue to this freedom. 

More about the Power-Imagery Process (PIP)

Dr. Gerald N. Epstein, co-founder in Power-Imagery Partners (PIP), and I are continuing our efforts to educate our colleagues and friends regarding the Power-Imagery Process (PIP).  That is the topic for this month’s newsletter, and we hope you will click this link to find out more about it:

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More Ideas About Power

For some fresh new ideas about my favorite topic, take a look at “WHAT IS POWER?” at, the home of the 3-step 21-day program that Dr. Gerald Epstein and I have created to provide a roadmap for people who want to make their day-to-day lives more powerful. We also have a monthly e-newsletter and if you would like to receive it, please send your name and email address to me at

Power and Change

If power is about anything, it is about change. Considering the definition of power as the capacity to participate KNOWINGY in change, you can see that so many of the actions we take in our daily lives involve how we participate in making those changes. When our participation is done KNOWINGLY, that is—with awareness, then our actions are powerful.

Mental Imagery: What It Is and What It Is Not

Often questions arise as to what mental imagery is and what it is not. So, the latest blog at clarifies some common misconceptions and tells you the differences between mental imagery, hypnosis, meditation, daydreaming and fantasy. What’s more, you will discover why mental imagery is such a powerful tool for you to use when you want to create a change in your life. Check out what we have to say on this blog: then, if you wish, write a comment. We’d love to hear from you.