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Does Power Equal Change?

The answer, of course, is NO!  However, all power is about change.  All change is about power.  Why?  Since power is the capacity to knowingly participate in change, there is no power without change and no change without power.  However, the key to this is the fact that power requires participating KNOWINGLY in change.  Actually, we are always participating in change, but only when we participate in a knowing way is it power!  At least, that is the view of the

My Intro to PIP

Power-Imagery Partners wrote a blog a while ago about the power of the number 28.  Now we want to tell you about the power of the number 21.  Why is that relevant to the Power-Imagery Process (PIP) that Dr.

How the Web-Based Power-Imagery Process (PIP) Came Into Existence

On July 28th I wrote to you announcing the launch of the new website www.PowerImagery.com that Dr. Jerry Epstein and I created. For several years we have been bringing this program to a broader audience including the corporate and nonprofit worlds, as well as to workshop participants and individuals in our private practices. However, we are excited that the Power-Imagery-Process (PIP) is now an online experience.

New Website from Dr. Elizabeth Barrett and Dr. Jerry Epstein

For several years my colleague and long time friend, Dr. Gerald Epstein, and I have been collaborating on creating what we named the Power-Imagery Process (PIP).

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Not the many distractions of Christmas, although that is a wonderful day as well.  But I especially like Thanksgiving as a reminder to spend the day (with family, if possible) recalling to mind all the wonderful blessings that we have to be thankful for.  We each have our very special blessings that mean so much to us and to take time out, as a national holiday, is one of the many gifts we have.  This Thanksgiving as I prepared my turkey dinner with the stuffing and all the trimmings, I was especially remembering spending the holiday

The Profane, The Sacred, and the Magic of the Glass Cube Apple Store in Manhattan

 We live in two worlds—the day world and the night world, and we experience both in many ways.  Down through the ages, the perennial philosophers describe these two contrasting worlds in a variety of ways.  Ori Soltes, Professor at Georgetown University, in his book, Mysticism in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam describes our ordinary world as the profanus or profane – the day world.  He contrasts this world with the world of the sacer—the sacred—the night world.  I don’t know if Steve Jobs had this in mind with the design of the Glass Cube Apple Store on F

Welcome Back to Elizabeth's Power Blog

Since this is the International Year of the Nurse and Nurses Day during Nurses Week was May 12th, I thought it would be just the right time to start some dialogue on this blog.  First, I want to congratulate nurses wherever they may be, and I am including myself as I am celebrating my 40th year as an RN this year.  Second, in my opinion and I know I am not alone, I truly believe that not only are nurses the backbone of health care, but that the reform of this nation’s health care system depends on expanding the contributions of professional nurses. 

Elizabeth's Power Blog: Write Your Power Story!

Have you had a troubling situation that required you to use your power-as-freedom?  Can you describe how the four dimensions of power (awareness, choices, freedom to act intentionally, and involvement in creating changes) helped you to participate in taking charge of the situation?

If so, write and tell me about it, in 300 words or less, and send it to me at elizabeth@drelizabethbarrett.com   I will post power stories on this blog that I believe will be useful to other visitors to the site.