What’s the difference between what you call power and empowerment?

This question comes up frequently.  I avoid using the term empowerment since there is a great deal of literature on empowerment and, in general, it reflects a causal worldview, so I would classify it as reflecting the philosophy of power-as-control.  Usually society is considered to blame for a lack of empowerment or powerlessness. The prefix “em” means to “put into” and often empowerment means someone or something shares or cultivates feelings of power in people who are considered to have little power, thus empowering them.  However, there are authors, such as Norma Schearer, RN; PhD, who write about empowerment from an acausal point-of-view.  The Barrett theory says everyone has power; no one can give it to them, and no one can take it away.  What differs is how we choose to use it.