Creating change with the Power-Imagery Process (PIP)

In 2011 Dr. Elizabeth Barrett collaborated with Dr. Jerry Epstein to create

The Power-Imagery Process – we call it PIP – means something or someone wonderful. This is an educational process, not a therapeutic process.

If you want to become free by using the extraordinary gift of power you were born with, then join the Power-Imagery Process – PIP – community today:

PIP is:
The roadmap for discovering and using your innate power to set you free.

Power is the capacity for participating knowingly in change by:

  • being aware, 
  • making choices, 
  • feeling free to act intentionally,
  • and involvement in creating change.

Power is being aware of what you are choosing to do, feeling free to do it, and doing it intentionally.

The Power-Imagery Process grows your power through a specifically tailored program for YOU.

Use this tried and true method to become the new powerhouse that we know that you already are.

Imagery is the natural and true language of your inner life, a reflecting mirror that shows you who you are and the possibilities that exist for you to become free. We know it’s true since we’ve been there and done that. It gives you new directions for health, creativity, and relationships.

The knowledge of the Power-Imagery Process we are sharing with you is a unique and original view of power and of imagery. This new creation reflects our combined lifetime of professional commitment and expertise in these two areas: power and imagery.