New Website from Dr. Elizabeth Barrett and Dr. Jerry Epstein

For several years my colleague and long time friend, Dr. Gerald Epstein, and I have been collaborating on creating what we named the Power-Imagery Process (PIP). This educational program unites my work on power (The Barrett Power Theory) along with Jerry’s work on imagery (The Epstein Mental Imagery Model) in a 3-step 21-day program designed to help people further develop their Power as Knowing Participation in Change® through using mental imagery exercises and techniques of will. We began offering our program (pre-automation) to individuals from the corporate and non-profit world, as well as through workshops for the general public. Of course, we have both used it in our private practices as well. Even though our initial idea was to create a web-based educational program to share these ideas with a more diverse audience, it is only now coming to fruition.

The site, launches today, July 28th 2011.  Don't miss the acompanying blog post sharing the meaning of selecting July 28th, a powerful number. You can check out the feedback from participants by clicking PIP Tales on the menu bar of the site.

Sending well wishes for summer to all of you.