Interview of Dr. Elizabeth Barrett on The ExPat Show

One of your Power-Imagery Partners, Dr. Elizabeth Barrett, was interviewed on the worldwide ExPat Show.  We are inviting you to tune in 24/7 between November 3rd and November 9th to hear Elizabeth describe the Power-Imagery Process.  You will also be able to experience an imagery exercise designed to enhance your general well being.

Just click this link to hear Elizabeth telling you all about Power-Imagery.

You can also register for the 3-step 21 day program at  You will have access to this program for 90 days and you can print out the individualized exercises designed to strengthen the areas of power where you still need to become more powerful.  Power is all about participating knowingly in change.  We are talking about how sharp your awareness is, the power of the choices you make, whether or not you feel free to follow through on those choices, and how you get involved in creating the changes you want to see in your life.  Strengthen these four areas and not only will your life change, but the world around you will change as well.

Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.