What the PIP Teaches

What the Power-Imagery Process (PIP) Teaches When we first conceived the Power-Imagery Process in the mid-2000’s, we understood that the property of power, as is true for all qualities, characteristics, or traits, in human development, exist as givens for our personal development. As such we have the choice, through the direction of our free will to choose at first one of two directions for any of them. As for power, we can choose Power-as-Control, or Power-as-Freedom. The former power concerns not only having control over ourselves, but also over others and the environment around us. The latter power relates to seeking freedom for ourselves as well as for others and for the world around us.

For our self-development, we experience Power-as-Control in terms of five flaws or power currents called dark or light currents of will. The five dark currents are:

  1. To take
  2. To keep
  3. To hold onto at the expense of others
  4. To advance over at the expense of others
  5. To be great (vanity)

The five light currents are:

  1. To give
  2. To share
  3. To renounce
  4. To mentor or do service for others
  5. To be humble

The Power-Imagery Process (PIP) at http://www.powerimagery.com seeks to educate you how to develop the five light currents, reverse the five dark currents in the process, become free, strong, self-reliant while being a valuable member of the community and of society of large. For doing so, we offer a self micro personal developmental process as a seed to grow into a mighty personal macro developmental self.