Nurses Vital Role in Hurricane Sandy’s Aftermath

Seven nurses (of the many) who evacuated patients from NYU Lancome Medical Center during Hurricane Sandy were interviewed on national TV.  These nurses were truly heroic in what they were able to do.  They carried patients sometimes down as many as 17 flights of stairs in dark stairwells with flashlights--patients on stretchers or in wheelchairs or babies in their arms.  Some had infusions of blood or oxygen or IV's or tubes of all kinds.  It was reported the next day that none of the several hundred patients evacuated from there died—a miracle.  The nurses were primarily the ones who saved those patients’ lives and they were given the credit they deserved.  Bravo for the nurses.

So often the media portrays nurses in an unrealistic and absolutely false manner, and, I must say, that is a disgrace that the nursing profession fights relentlessly to stop.  However, the media has sometimes given the public a true picture of the important role nurses play in the lives of people in every circumstance imaginable.  Nurses are indispensable for promoting health, preventing illness, or caring for those with all degrees of illness.  And, of course, nurses have always also been involved in all aspects of wellness.  Nurses working to promote health of the community is as old as nursing itself, and in the future we will find more and more nurses working outside of hospitals.  The truth is, nurses always have and always will be wherever there are people who need knowledgeable caring by health professionals who relate to them as whole persons and not as a collection of parts.

If you, or someone you know, have a story of going the extra mile during the continuing aftermath of the incredibly devastating Hurricane Sandy, won’t you please write that story in the comments section below?  It would be so great to see the growing number of people who visit this website to make some comments, so this can be more of an interacting place where we talk to each other.  However, it is just a joy to know that more of you are visiting more and more often. 

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