What is the Value of the Power-Imagery Process (PIP)?

There is no value in the Power-Imagery Process (PIP) really, if you do not want to create change and ease the burdens of life. On the other hand, doing the Power-Imagery Process, besides providing over 266 million individualized possibilities to give you a tailor-made program just for you, puts you in charge of changes you want in life—be they for personal growth, shifting habits for beneficial purpose, turning around stalemated relationships, facilitating a greater use of life, or whatever your intentions may be.

This three-step 21-day program simply jumpstarts your life, supplying tools you can use for a lifetime far beyond the introductory phase PIP offers. One of the benefits of PIP is that it responds to the intention you decide upon when you start the process. By intention is meant giving direction, an aim to what you are seeking. By engaging an intention you are virtually guaranteeing a fruitful course. Your will becomes a valued friend when freed up in actively selecting where you want to go in remaking your life. Through intention you discover the power of will and the will of power, a central energy for self-growth and creating the existence you image for yourself.

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