Real Power

The PIP process allows each of us to discover our power in the service of our freedom, rather than in the service of squashing ourselves or the next guy. Many of our energies in life are geared to controlling ourselves or others -- what we at PIP call -- power-as-control. This takes a great deal of effort. You recall trying to stay on a diet or exercise routine, or better yet trying to get your loved ones to do so. Trying to control others takes a lot of effort and ends up with a net loss of our physical and mental energies. Yet, we continue to use this model to enforce our will.
On a more global scale, we see this mode of being going hand in hand with the laws of the jungle, where the strongest and the fittest take control to dominate others by seeking to take, to keep, to hold onto, and to advance at the expense of others, and to be great. This was traditionally called the 5 dark currents of will. The end game of this course of action is subjugation, war, and destruction.
The 3-step 21-day PIP process offers us a new way of being where we neither have to control or be subjugated to those that control. We can opt for freedom instead -- what we at PIP call power-as-freedom. This freedom says yes to life by embracing our own power -- a power that is without effort and benefits yourself and others. Here through the use of mental imagery you begin to reveal yourself to yourself, by yourself, within yourself, for yourself, and discover what real power is!