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Since this is the International Year of the Nurse and Nurses Day during Nurses Week was May 12th, I thought it would be just the right time to start some dialogue on this blog.  First, I want to congratulate nurses wherever they may be, and I am including myself as I am celebrating my 40th year as an RN this year.  Second, in my opinion and I know I am not alone, I truly believe that not only are nurses the backbone of health care, but that the reform of this nation’s health care system depends on expanding the contributions of professional nurses. 

            May 12th was the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who created modern nursing, and this year is the centennial of her passing.  May 12th is also the birthday of Martha E. Rogers, RN; ScD; FAAN, my teacher and mentor of blessed memory, who created the science of unitary human beings.  Some people think Martha was Flo reincarnated!  Certainly they were both powerful trailblazers who created a courageous path toward professional autonomy.  Nightingale and Rogers along with many others were truly visionary nurses, and now all nurses are called upon to be visionary as part of our heritage and their legacy.  The art and science of contemporary nursing, or as I like to think of it as a scientific art, continues to build upon the unitary, holistic caring-healing mutual process of people and their environments that foster healing.

            On May 12th, I had the distinct pleasure of being honored as the Keynote Speaker for the Nurse’s Recognition Awards Ceremony at the James J. Peters VA Medical Center in the Bronx, New York at the invitation of Theodocia Farrales, RN, MA, CNA-BC, ANP, FAAN, Acting Associate Director Patient Services/Chief Nurse Executive, and Raquel Swarton, MA, chairperson for the event, and Diane Kamble, RN, co-chairperson.  Maryanne Musumeci, RN, is the Medical Center Director.  Over 100 nursing personnel plus medical center support staff attended to honor those given awards for Quality of Care, Reliability, Collegiality, Education and Mentorship, Customer Service, Nursing Leadership, Professional Development, Practice Improvement, the VHA Secretary’s Award for Excellence, and the Special Appreciation Award.

            With the passage of the Health Care Reform legislation, millions of new patients will be added to an already overburdened health care system, compounded by the growing population of people over 65, who have complex needs and sometimes require the additional forms of treatment now available.  Will nursing and nurses step up to the plate to teach patients/clients how to actively participate in their own health care reform?  Will we teach people how to use their power to change their health?  What are your ideas on how to use the power as knowing participation in change theory described on this website to do just that?  Please send your ideas to me at drelizabethbarrett.com and I will post those that seem useful to people who visit this blog.  Most relevant are ways to help people use their awareness, make choices, feel free to act on their intentions, and involve themselves in creating changes in their health.  Each person decides what health is for them, and that is in their domain, but my question to you is how can we help ourselves and others to create those desired changes?

            Thanks for visiting this website.  I look forward to hearing from you, and please come again to see what’s new!  Elizabeth