Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  Not the many distractions of Christmas, although that is a wonderful day as well.  But I especially like Thanksgiving as a reminder to spend the day (with family, if possible) recalling to mind all the wonderful blessings that we have to be thankful for.  We each have our very special blessings that mean so much to us and to take time out, as a national holiday, is one of the many gifts we have.  This Thanksgiving as I prepared my turkey dinner with the stuffing and all the trimmings, I was especially remembering spending the holidays at the home of my Grandmother and Grandfather Manhart.  They lived on a farm and food was an important part of their lives, whether there were 10 or so farm workers sitting around the dining room table during the harvest season or preparing dinners for there large family (11 children) and their children and their children for holidays.  My aunts and other relatives brought their favorite (homemade, of course) dishes.  Aunt Eva’s noodles were one of my favorites.  At other times when we drove the 100 miles to visit my Grandparents, I would always head straight for the cookie jar to have one of Grandmother’s oatmeal raisin cookies – and they have never been topped by any I have eaten since then.  Sometimes I would get up very early in the morning and go with my Grandfather who would let me help him milk the cows.  Then grandmother would take some of the fresh milk and let the cream rise to the top.  That cream we would churn into butter.  There were always many delicious fruits and vegetables, either fresh or canned during “the season” and I would help in the selection for our evening meals.  By the time of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, it was too cold for Grandfather to let me ride the horses, but if there was snow, we would go sledding and later down to the cellar to bring up apples stored from the fall for the winter.  We would make popcorn and Grandfather would cut up apples for our evening snack. There was a tin roof over the bedroom where I slept, and if it rained, I would love to just lie in bed and listen to the rain hitting the roof.  The rain went into a reservoir and the water was very soft and used to shampoo our hair.  I could go on and on, but just wanted to share a few memories of gratitude for some of the many blessings I have in my life and continue to have each and every day. 

I hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely one and that the upcoming holidays will be blessed for you and yours.