PIP Power

The Power-Imagery Process (PIP) is a spiritual method.  It opens the door to spiritual life not only by self-empowerment, but also by connecting our inner power to our Higher Power that helps to support and sustain us.  This power is experienced as power-as-freedom, an inner sense of liberation.
Power-as-control on the other hand, represents a connection to external life, not to inner life.  Here freedom is reflected in physical acquisition usually in terms of money, itself seen as the avenue to this freedom. 

Whereas external freedom does not bring inner freedom, quite the opposite is true.  The opposite of physical freedom is exercised commonly as abuse, be it amongst individuals, or communally, or globally.  The inner freedom-power axis knows of no such abuse.  Rather, it shares this power with others.  So as to give guidance to release ourselves from any form of enslavement we might be experiencing.  The power-as-control game, on the other hand, follows the laws of natural selection-survival of the fittest criteria where the master-slave relationship rules.

The Power-Imagery Process (PIP) presents an option toward release from any sort of bondage to permit us to become our own authority.  We suspect that at least every one of us yearns for that self-rule.  The amazing thing about what you discover is how powerful the mind can be in bringing this freedom to us.  We believe the Power-Imagery Process (PIP) certainly aids you in that direction.  If you’ve tried this 3-step 21-day process, we’d welcome your feedback.  If you haven’t yet experienced PIP, you might give it a try.