Making Powerful Changes

An essential ingredient of the Power-Imagery Program is CHANGE. Changing power-as-control to power-as-freedom asks of us to change our attitude to life. Change is a universal “law” of movement as it applies to life on Earth. By age 7 or 8 we become “completed” humans in that our core belief systems are in place. We firmly attach and remain held fast to them, creating an ever present tension between changing these in accord with how we are flowing in the stream of life; or remaining impervious to modifications preferring to stay put with what we are familiar, not subjecting our beliefs to see whether they continue to serve us or not.

Yes, we have the absolute power to KNOWINGLY effect change, participate in the flow of continuous movement, or use our power to remain static, and fixed in habit patterns. For the former, we may see growth in personal development and individual expansion of consciousness. For the latter, we may retain a narrow field of consciousness and experience rigidity of self physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and morally.

If change is becoming different, becoming one’s own authority, expanding the field of consciousness, the Power-Imagery Process is geared toward providing the path to do so. If wanting to participate KNOWINGLY in creating change freely and authentically, PIP is the word for you.