What is the Power-Imagery Process (PIP)?

The Power-Imagery Process (PIP) is a 3-step 21-day program to CHANGE YOUR LIFE by developing your power (Power-as-Freedom not Power-as-Control) through mental imagery exercises and techniques of will based on and tailored to your individualized POWER PROFILE.

Elizabeth and I have known each other for 23 years.  During that time I was aware of her power tool called PKPCT or Power as Knowing Participation in Change Tool.  It became eminently clear to me that Elizabeth had developed a sure-fire means to establish the strengths and less developed areas of a person’s ability to create change and realize his/her inherent self-power to do so.

At the same time, Elizabeth became familiar with the power of the imagery process I teach, both by having a background in Gestalt Therapy and having direct experience of personal imagery practice and applying it in her clinical practice.

One day we suddenly realized that we had before us a way to gauge one’s degree of personal power and how to use the power of imagery to strengthen one’s less developed dimensions of power, itself defined by:  Awareness, choices, freedom to act intentionally, involvement in creating change.  Right there was born the Power-Imagery Process (PIP) as a concept gestated by us over a period of six years to become a program for worldwide use at http://www.powerimagery.com.

The PIP combines a vast array of mental imagery exercises with the four dimensions of power, mentioned above—we term Power-as-Freedom—together with a set of 12 cardinal paired characteristics that are a subset of each dimension to yield over 260 million possibilities.

But, that’s not all.  The PIP also features a high-powered exercise to enhance the power of will called Power Plan that adds increased strengthening to the overall program.

This is a unique program designed to bring out an inner resource allowing you to change your life to benefit yourself and others.