PIP Tales

We have all heard of pigtails, fishtails, old wives tales, girls with ponytails, even those dreaded insects called "spring tails." There are many more such tails/tales we could think of. But, as the character in Dumbo said, "I ain't never seen an elephant fly," (which it did), so we have our version called PIP Tales. PIP Tales are stories of personal development that have been told by those family members of PIP (meaning someone wonderful) who have a PIP Tale (a wonderful story) to tell.


This is what people who have taken the PIP program at http://www.powerimagery.com have given us permission to share:


Power-Imagery Process is a true blessing for me. Through it I found my inner self reflected in a most honest way. What a liberation. It teaches and guides. I thank you for putting your wisdom, knowledge and love in this uniquely brilliant Process. I am recommending you highly. Be blessed.

--Petra Kukic, Melbourne, Australia


Power-as-Freedom to relate wholesomely and appreciatively with others - that's the fantastic gift PIP gave me.

--Colin Green


I have successfully used the Power-Imagery Program as a tool to meet specific goals: getting a job, building self-confidence and other aspects of my life with positive outcomes.

--Lincoln Tobier


With the practices and tools of the Power-Imagery Process, I have been able to better understand "power" and how my self-imposed limitations created blinders and blockages. Through the simple and quick daily practices, I am now better able to see multiple options and make assertive choices that have profound impact on my leadership and purpose in our world.

--Michelle Coffey


If you have a PIP Tale to share with others, please let us know!  If you have friends you think might enjoy our monthly newsletters, please forward this to them.  Thank you so much.